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The state of Hip Hop culture as viewed by two guys named Khari and a middle-aged white Hip Hop head.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 8.5 / Mo’ Bricks: “The Curious Case of Mr. Cole”

    With one of the Brick Brothers across the pond getting his euro on, the gang wasnt able to connect for a new episode. But have no fear, MO Bricks still got that flava for ya ears. Things get going with a little small talk about the first time the gange ...


  2. Episode 8: "I Don't Know If I Just Said A Slur"

    This weeks serving of Brick-fil-A comes with some extra sauceeee as the guys get things cooking by discussing some of 2019's most prominent women. Cardi B's Dog walking skills (2:45), Kamala Harris's historic announcement (10:10) leads to some quick HOTEP Talk (12:50) and a sprinkling of the newly minted Notorious ...


  3. Episode 7: "Sconex Days"

    The boys are back in town! The government may be shut down, but the 92 Crew is still bringing that good pod talk for your head tops in 2019. Things get started with a bit of reintroduction. Khari, Spencer & KC let you know the genesis of their friendship, from ...


  4. Episode 6: "Kayak Poetry"

    And we’re back...Or should we say we’re 6ack. This week the guys discuss new projects from Elton John’s bestie, Young Thug(5:00) and 6lack(20:30). Questions come up: is Future still the Atlanta Jay Z(27:00), is Bryson Tiller still worth talking about?(36:00). Some quick thoughts on Ye and Drake, because they’re inescapable, ...


  5. Episode 5: "Listening to Podcasts With The Sound Off"

    Your new favorite podcast is back with a full clip! In this week’s episode the gang reflects on the life of Mac Miller who passed away late last week (Rest In Peace!), as well as lighter topics such as ‘Insecure’, Kaepernick x Nike, the phenomenon of hypebeast robots, and the ...