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The state of Hip Hop culture as viewed by two guys named Khari and a middle-aged white Hip Hop head.

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  1. Episode 4.5 / Mo’ Bricks: “He Was Stabbing Dicks?!”

    On this Mo’ Bricks edition of the podcast the gang discusses their favorite Cam’ron and Kanye verses, celebrity cancel culture, Nixon raps, Spencer tells bad jokes, they relive their glory days at The Source including the time KC saw Teyana Taylor’s bare titty. The guys also discuss the careers of ...


  2. Episode 4: “You Sound Like An Ad-lib ”

    In this especially drunk episode of your new favorite podcast, the gang gets into Kanye’s Interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Khari’s fangirl obsession with Playboi Carti, white people using the N-Word, Travis Scott's ‘Astroworld’, Nicki Minaj's ‘Queen’ and at the end...complete drunken, hilarious chaos by KC. Check out [Maybe Today NYC](https://maybetodaynyc.com/), where ...


  3. Episode 3.5 / Mo' Bricks: "Lauryn Hill vs. Missy Elliot"

    In the newest episode of your new favorite podcast the gang discusses Sheck Wes, artists that are "fake independent", if it's over for Nicki Minaj, the legacy of Lauryn Hill versus Missy Elliot & more. They also announce the official sponsor of the podcast, [Maybe Today NYC](http://www.maybetodaynyc.com), where you can ...


  4. Episode 3: "Big Pod Energy"

    In the latest episode of your new favorite podcast, the gang discusses Year-To-Date album sales courtesy of [HITS Daily Double](http://hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=312686), Chance The Rapper, the many mysteries of music streaming, liquid cocaine, SoundCloud mumble rap & more. Follow the guys on [Instagram @92BricksPod](https://www.instagram.com/92brickspod/). Subscribe, share, rate, tell a friend, and tell your ...


  5. Episode 2.5 / Mo' Bricks: "He Makes Mayonnaise PND"

    The gang is busy this week, but that doesn't stop the show! This week they debut the Mo' Bricks edition of the podcast, which is bonus material from previous weeks that didn't make the cut, but is still every bit as potent. In this Mo' Bricks episode the gang talks ...